Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool #11

Here we are.  The last post.  Thank you, Jesus.

Honestly, we should have time to focus on a few during the year and get professional hours.

My favorite tools I think the students will like are Storybird, Thinkfinity, Animoto, and Edmodo.  They will like the alerts I can send to their phones.  I already have a lesson for persuasion to use early in the year.  We will use Storybird.

I've kinda been using technology and pushing myself because I know I am weak on this compared to other people.  Age has nothing to do with it.  I like the more creative aspects of technology and of course, the Internet.  One thing I can do different is Skype with Jan Marie in the library.  I plan to get the 11th graders to read to one of the language arts classes at one of the feeder elementary schools.  I just want to keep them engaged and keep them challenged, which I do every day, all the time.

What I found is that I like doing technology.  It's just that there's not time for everything.  The change isn't so bad.  Other teachers shouldn't be scared of it or reluctant.  One just has to find his or her starting point, set a few goals, and don't worry about being perfect.  But technology isn't everything.


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