Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

First of all, I tell all my students that what you have on your Facebook or voicemail can be checked my future college counselors, potential supervisors at a job for which you apply, teachers, administrators, and other students.  You leave your "digital" footprint that cannot be erased.  Sooooo, watch yourself.  Students have been kicked out of colleges for saying negative comments.  A good rule to go by, I tell my students, "If you have to think twice about it or if you think you couldn't say it in church, then don't say it, print it, embed it, or type it!"  Use your common sense, and don't be a follower.  Plagarism is something we already talk about because they must cite their sources, even photos and videos.  I plan on being much more tough, and I won't let my students have second chances.  Students need to understand feelings can be hurt, and students are breaking the law if they cyber bully.  Learning to use technology is supposed to be helping society, not hurting it.

I found many of the videos boring.  So, I don't know what I 'm going to show them visually.  But the day before we go to the lab to register for Edmodo, we are going to do an interactive group lesson.  They are going to have to create this.  First of all, they will have to think of behaviors they know they should do and ones they should not do.  They will write these on cards and mix them up.  They will be different colors, so each group will pass theirs clockwise to the next and each group will have to do these and put them together so they match.  Since I teach 11th grade, I think they know what to do already.  Teachers can use the "Read-Only" feature on Edmodo if they do something they know is wrong!  Ha ha for us!

The parents sign the students' forms, so hopefully, they have read the standards.  But if a student starts acting up, I can restrict them and then call the parent about it.  I'm covered because the students know.  I don't have a hard time with parents as long as I have an equal assignment their child can do.

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  1. You are so close!

    When I had kids who though videos and such that were informative or explained a process were boring, I offered extra credit in 2 ways. They could make a new video that wasn't boring or they could write an analysis explaining why the video was boring by using specific evidence to prove their point. It was always an interesting assignment.

    I also want to remind you, although, Q may have already, 11 Tools is due August 15th. If you need any help let one of us know.