Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tool #7

After talking with Ms. Brow, I think I will read to elementary students from the feeder school or schools.  This would work well.  She also suggested ESOL.  This will be done in the fall semester 2012.

Objective:  Students will use correct pronunciation, complete sentences, and formal language when reading and speaking to ESOL and elementary students while communicating by SKYPE.

Language Objective:  Students will use correct pronunciation, intonation, and enthusiasm when reading to students using SKYPE.

Tool $4

Tool #6

I have been using Google Docs to blog with students as they are typing their literary analyses on the computer.  In addition, some students were absent or needed a bit of extra time, so they could "talk" to me anytime, and I could answer at my convenience.  It worked out well.  I made sure to include it as a grade.  Each student had to blog once-a comment or question.  It was fun but a bit chaotic to keep up with.  I don't care.  It was fun and they were engaged.  I could look at their papers (after they sent me a comment first) and then get on some of them about not finishing their papers online.  I pointed out some errors and was sure to compliment. 

I plan to have a Weebly so we can blog.  The trick is getting students to blog about it and have them truly lead it.  Some ideas include me modeling posing a question first, and next I'll pick someone to pose a question that everyone has to answer.  I'll do this for a grade.  I need to work this out first.  One can find information on how other teachers did it online.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tool #5

!Te amo Animoto!  I love Animoto!  Before all of this technology, in my 7th period art class in my Catholic school, our art teacher, Ms. Carslile, had us write words and or our thoughts on slides that we had and set it to music.  Mine was set to Glenn Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy."  It was cool!!!  Animoto makes me feel like a pro!!!