Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tool #6

I have been using Google Docs to blog with students as they are typing their literary analyses on the computer.  In addition, some students were absent or needed a bit of extra time, so they could "talk" to me anytime, and I could answer at my convenience.  It worked out well.  I made sure to include it as a grade.  Each student had to blog once-a comment or question.  It was fun but a bit chaotic to keep up with.  I don't care.  It was fun and they were engaged.  I could look at their papers (after they sent me a comment first) and then get on some of them about not finishing their papers online.  I pointed out some errors and was sure to compliment. 

I plan to have a Weebly so we can blog.  The trick is getting students to blog about it and have them truly lead it.  Some ideas include me modeling posing a question first, and next I'll pick someone to pose a question that everyone has to answer.  I'll do this for a grade.  I need to work this out first.  One can find information on how other teachers did it online.

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  1. I really like this idea of the student posting a question and requiring that everyone answer. Students like sharing ideas with each other.